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The TAK MOLK company is the exlcusive  agent company  which  provides  convenience  for  online Buying and Selling  by easest and shortest duration in the sector of  Real Estate  in Kurdistan.

TAK MOLK always  attempt to become confiding between seller and buyer  for the ongoing  relations.

TAK  MOLK organizes its  contract  for he purpose of  seller and buyer  doesn’t  feel  low and high prices mutually.  

Acording to circulation and  relations  with  TAK  MOLK,  you cannot regret  because  that in selling and buyin any propertiy  chose TAK MOLK.

Our company has many consultant for buying and selling  properties  in the best location. No doupt,  our purpose is the  providing teh most suitable and the best atmospher   for our customers.

As you will see,  our website every day apdated and added new  properties  in all  qaurters,  towns, cities and districts for our customer in  Kurdistan Region by collabortion with hundred real estate offices.

As a  result,  this will provide convenience way  to be able  to see every kind  of properties in every location.

Our Mission

Our mission is the providing convenience  for our customer  in order to see  the utmost real estate offices with their  properties via our  website.

Publishing  the properties  will be  with all information  and when  the customer  will see a properties  he/ she  doesn’t need any other information about it and also price of properties will be issued  in it to have broad perspectives  about properties and also  to know all prices in quarters via our website. 

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